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Share What’s Banned Without Getting Canceled –

What is it?

Here’s a little pet-project I put together just for fun. It’s called (pronounced like “cipher”)

It is for when you want to say a certain thing online but you know the word will get flagged and get your comment deleted. The solution is to create a ciph-r for it.

Each ciph-r has a taboo word and a cover word.

Creating a CIPH-R Code (Encoding)

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the “Encode” tab
  3. Enter the taboo word, phrase, or link
  4. Choose a cover word (mask word) (you can have a word generated at random, if you find that easier)
  5. Click “Generate CIPH-R”

You will then see a unique code that will convert into your secret message.

Decrypting a CIPH-R (Decoding)

When you are on a forum and you see this format:


Then you know it is a CIPH-R text.

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you are on the “Decode” tab
  3. Paste CIPH-R code to reveal the encoded message.

Removing a CIPH-R

You might have noticed a delete code in the first image. That code is only shown to the CIPH-R creator at the time of creation. It can be entered in the “Delete” tab section to remove the CIPH-R.

That’s it!

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