BENJF.COM is my little thought dumping ground where I post discoveries, tips, facts, and fun stuff around many topics.

You’ll notice that this website contains short to medium length posts. I make it a goal to get to the point without creating long dissertations just to hear myself type. Personally, when I search the web for information, I want to glean something from the website as quickly as possible and then move on with my life. I don’t want to camp out on some dude’s blog while I scan over wordy explanations crammed with cliches and misspellings in the hopes that I find what I’m looking for. I try to keep my intros to one sentence and maybe even include the spoiler in the first sentence. That’s just my thing.

Here are some rules I try to adhere to:

  • Stupid phrases are avoided as much as possible. For example, I try not to use phrases like “gonna wanna”, and “head on over to”, and I surely will never say “gonna wanna head on over to”.
  • I attempt to make things concise and use bullet points whenever it’s beneficial to do so (like now).
  • The fat is trimmed as much as possible so that there are no ads or other various bloat on the site.
  • You’ll also notice that the font is not overly small (or underly big?) and not a light gray. For some reason, small gray text comes off as professional looking but I hate it because it’s a strain to read. So, I use dark text only that is large enough to read with ease.

Hopefully, I leave the internet a better place.