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Script Storage Update

This is an update to a previous post. In another post on this site, it was said that Dropbox Paper is the code storage of choice. This has changed.

As of today, I much prefer using Microsoft's GIT code repository known as:

The benefits are numerous.

  1. Ability to revert back to previous versions
  2. Ability to sync using a GIT application
  3. Nice UI
  4. Searchable
  5. Better structure than Dropbox Paper. Dropbox Paper has an ever-shifting arrangement of folders, whereas DevOps uses a more typical and predictable layout
  6. Markdown support (like Dropbox Paper)
  7. Standard character encoding. Dropbox Paper has inserted odd characters in my code that looked correct but caused execution failure. DevOps does not have this issue as it is designed primarily to store code.

A final benefit is the ability to export everything. If I ever want to change to github, all I need to do is pull my code from DevOps and push it to github. Super simple and standardized.

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