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Asus Q301L (Sonic Master) - fn (function) Key Stuck "On"

Perhaps a bit off topic for this site, but maybe it will help someone who was stuck like I was.

My laptop is an Asus Q301L (Sonic Master).  Occasionally, when disconnecting the wireless keyboard, my "fn" key is stuck on, so the zero key becomes a forward slash, and other keys are changed, as well.

The solution would be oh-so-simple (just press fn+shift+number lock) except for the fact that I have no number lock key.  So now what?  Just launch the on-screen keyboard, they say.  Well, I did that and it doesn't have a number lock key, either!

Well, it turns out that there is another secret on-screen keyboard aside from the usual one found by clicking the taskbar virtual keyboard shortcut.  Yes, there is a secret keyboard!  Did you just get a little tingly?  Brace yourself...

Windows 8 Solution:

  • Press the Windows Key + R
  • Type "OSK"

NOW press fn+shift+number lock

But what if you still don't have a number lock key?  Press the "options" button, check the box that says "Turn on numeric keypad" and press "OK".

Now you should have the number lock key.

Ubuntu (16.04) Solution:

Launch the on-screen keyboard by going to All Settings, Universal Access, Typing Tab, and activating the On Screen Keyboard option.

Click the "123" button.

On real keyboard, press and hold "FN" + "Shift" and press the number lock key (Nm Lk on virtual keyboard).

Concluding Remarks

Now, copy this information and store it on your desktop.  One thing I noticed is that this happens a lot and you will need this information again.

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