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PowerShell - Replace All Instances Of Something In All Files In Directory

This script searches every file in a directory for a particular string and replaces it with another value.
get-childItem  | ForEach { (Get-Content $_ | ForEach {$_ -replace "OLDVALUE,"NEWVALUE"}) | Set-Content $_}


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SQL and DEV PRO is meant to be a solutions repository of real-world examples that SQL and DEV professionals can use. The intent is to keep it concise without giving long dissertations about every aspect of a given script or solution. If you are looking for long explanations and in depth study, I commend you, but you won't find much of that here. :)

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Fixing Orphaned Users On A Large Scale

A script that generates a script to fix all orphaned users at once.

Recovering a database in RESTORING state

How to get your database out of the "restoring" state so you can use it again.


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