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SQL Server - Database Stuck In Single User Mode

If you've painted yourself into the single_user corner, here is how you can get out.

SQL Server - Cluster Queries

Get some clustered facts about your server.

Favorite Computer Environment Tools

The Deep Secrets of My Computing Environment!

In my computing environment, I have a set of tools that I rely on because they just make life easier.  Here they are in order of (perceived) actual usage.

SQL Server - Getting All SQL Services Running On System

Getting all services running SQL Server using T-SQL:

PowerShell - Getting All Running SQL Services

Getting all SQL Server services running on a server using PowerShell:

PowerShell - Making Arrays

The basics of creating a PowerShell array and working with it.

PowerShell - Find Active Node On Cluster

PowerShell script that prints out the state of the node you are on - Active or Passive.

SQL Server - All Objects On Instance Sorted By Date

One common question I hear whenever something begins to go wrong is, "Has anything been changed recently?" Finding recent changes can be a good place to search, depending on the issue, so here is a script to do just that.

Moving Database Files to Another Location

Although moving database files around is simple, it is a still big deal.  When you do this, you are moving the entire database contents to another location.  If you have the space, a backup beforehand wouldn’t be a bad idea.  This is the script that I use to make this happen.

SQL Server Compare Users Script

If you need to compare two users in SQL Server, here is a handy script. The output is simply a script to make the “UserToChange” sync up with the “ModelUser”. So this script generates a script.


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