Removing SSMS Boost

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SSMS Boost is an add-on for SQL Server Management Studio.  I used it for quite some time but I got tired of using it as freeware.  The reason SSMSBoost as freeware didn't work for me was because they require that you continually re-download the new version and re-register every 120 days, otherwise it renders your existing version useless.  That process gets tedious, at least I think it does.  I want my tools to server me, not the other way around.


Flickr Searching

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Now you can search your own Flickr photos by camera model.  Strangely, Flickr has had the ability to search public photos by camera model, but not your own private photos by camera model.

So, I have created a little tool that does the work for you at:  Simply fill out the form and it populates a link for you, as you type.  Just click the link and you will be taken to the Flickr page with the photos you are looking for.


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